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The Angel Investment Network platform is a free service for investors interested in funding and becoming involved with some of the most innovative and exciting startups from all over the world. Once an investor has completed their profile, they are immediately able to search and browse an extensive list of investment opportunities. They can filter their search by location, industry and investment size to find a deal that suits. Once they’ve found a deal they’re interested in, they can message the entrepreneur through a private internal messaging service.

Membership gives investors access to around 50,000 investment opportunities each year as well as allowing them to be part of a global network of nearly 100,000 investors.

For more: https://www.investmentnetwork.in/

Date: 4/13/2018
Agra, Switzerland $0
SeedTribe, a platform to get involved in some of the UK’s most coveted startups. Often best startups set their minimum investment amount £25k or higher. Just to hinder a little amount investor to board the ship along with the big investors. SeedTribe provides an opportunity to invest as little as £1,000 making it possible to create a diverse Investor portfolio.

Just signup as an investor and now you have opened the door for numerous hot opportunities. As an investor go through the ideas and interact with an entrepreneur submits and request all the related documents for further due diligence.

You need not worry about the hassle of necessary paperwork, our team of expert lawyers and accountants are there to assist. Do not forget to recommend the opportunity within your circle as it boosts the chance to grow the company you have invested quicker along with the chance of return of investment.
Date: 3/23/2018
Bern, Switzerland $0
Based in Switzerland, Windsor is a modern-day advertising and data integration company that is leading the marketing world with its highly advanced and digital attribution models. Their attribution modelling techniques serve as perfect solutions for marketers who strive for an increment in their Marketing ROI.

With advanced attribution modelling and data integration services, Windsor channelizes the impact of various marketing networks on the overall business by directing marketing budgets towards the best reciprocating and sure-shot networks only. The result is a collection of significantly increased returns on the total investment made towards marketing efforts.
Date: 2/12/2018
Zurich, Switzerland
The data integrations system today are, shifting in favor of open source solutions, earlier which was believed to be staying closed and private. With Windsor, now you can have access to various open source data integration systems at prices which are much lower than the proprietary prices. Such packaged solutions can be accessible to almost all businesses which were earlier just limited to some selected big powerhouses. Open source solutions can offer better-quality content and information of data and also it protects your business from the vendor lock-ins. This can help in keeping the salesforce integration system flexible and adaptable according to the needs of the business owner. Windsor helps you have access to a matured open source model with the required quality and innovation.
Date: 2/8/2018
Zurich, Switzerland
Data integration primarily supports the overall process and presentation of large data sets into the compact form of unified results. With Windsor, you can take onboard data from any source which is relevant to your business. These sets of data can be presented by aligning, combining and presenting data from various departments thus fulfilling the organizational objectives. The integration is generally implemented in various data warehouses by utilizing specialized software which can host data from large repositories. With Windsor, it can help you take those important business-related decisions using high method data integration techniques.
Date: 1/25/2018
Zurich, Switzerland, Switzerland