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SMTP - SMTP Server - Email Marketing
Are you looking for SMTP? Or a SMTP server to send out bulk mails or promotional emails. Before you choose a provider you need to make sure what your requirements and what type of service you need. Here are some points that needs to be clear in your mind before going for any SMTP server or service provider or before hiring any SMTP service.
Email Lists
1. Do you have email lists?
(SMTP is used to send emails in high quantity which most of the ISPs not allow to do due to spam issues and complains from receiver and to it done you need to go for a SMTP service provider but before that you need to have a list based on contacts of customers or subscribers to whom you like to send the emails.)
2. The email lists that you have are your own or purchased?
(You have to make sure the list you are using is purchased list or its your own list based on your clients data. If you have lists in big size so off course it’s not yours it must be purchased or collected using any email extractor software in such case you need a SMTP service provider which allow this kind of lists to be used on their network. And off course you need to have a proper smtp server to send big volume emails not the email marketing account or small smtp wont work).
3. What are the total no of contacts that you have in your lists
( you need to make sure how many email addresses you have in total in your lists and how many times you want to send them emails these no will help you to decide what type of smtp or smtp server you required and what budget you need.
Email campaigns
1. What type of emails you want to send txt or html?
(If you ever get emails from any company you may be noticed that some people only send text messages which has no images or hyperlinks in emails and some send proper designed flyers based emails so it’s time for you to design what you want to send simple text or proper designed emails)
2. Do you have the content already designed or not?
(If you want to send html emails you need to make sure you have it designed already if you don’t then you need to do it first same with text based emails you must right down the content first that you want to send)
3. Did you check the content is spam free words based?
(Before sending any email first do a spam test of your email campaign / content and make sure your email content doesn’t contain any spam words that will help you to get rid of spam trappers somehow).
If you have big size email lists and you don’t have the software to do email marketing and the budget is limited I would suggest you to go for www.massmailservers.net they have every type of service that you may need and may fits in your budget they are working since 2010 and have thousands of clients and servers in three locations Europe, USA and PAKISTAN.

Date: 9/21/2016
delhi, California $100
Date: 8/25/2016
TaiWan, California
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Date: 8/25/2016
TaiWan, California