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Medical Device Sales
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water ionizer in india
medically approved devices from korea FDA and ministry of health, Korea.
sold directly by company in more than 80 countries
130 patents related to water ionizer
34 years of experience in r&d in relation to water and health
continous adaption and updation of latest technology in design and implementation
launched more than 50 models in a period of 10 years
alkaline water ionizer india kyk is a product which adds some special properties to your tap/ground/ro can/ municipal water. alkaline water ionizer india kyk water can divide your water into 2 streams acidic water and alkaline water. kyk alkaline water gives you following health benifits

1) Antioxidant property:- kyk antioxidant water stops excessive oxidation in ur body slows down ageing and boosts ur body immune sustem by removing free radicals same benifit you get by taking fresh raisins, blueberries, hazlenuts and acai berries. drinking antioxidant water from kyk alkline water ionizer india is easy

​2)Alkalanity :- kyk alkaline water ionizer india water prevents acidosis(more production of acids acids result in fats and then into cholestrol) a vital cause of many health disorders alkaline property

3)Hydration :- kyk alkaline water ionizer india water takes most vital oxygen,vitamins and other nutrients deeply into ur body cells quickly and make u feel energised want to know about hydration and detoxification alkaline water ionizer india

4)Detoxification :- kyk alkaline water ionizer india water is reduced hexagonal structured micro clustered water which can dissolve absorb flush out TOXINS impurities wastes from your body more effectively than other waters and keeps you clean and fresh
Date: 8/2/2016
hyderabad, India