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Many passengers keep on searching for the Indian Railways PNR Status. Checking the status of the Train PNR is now getting easy for users because of Rail Rider - PNR Status facility.

Check your PNR status with RailRider PNR tracker instantly in few steps along with forecast report that gives you delay estimates, location updates, Coach No , Berth No, arrival time etc.

To check your train PNR status, visit our website and get latest updates of train

Date: 10/22/2016
Gurgaon, India
We have never tasted anything like grandmother’s pickle anywhere else. But you might change your opinion after tasting our pickles. Yes!!! GetPickle brings you the homely taste at your doorsteps.

Enjoy our diverse varieties of pickles that include both Veg and Non Veg.

For our beloved customers, we are also providing exciting Combo offers that include both Veg and Non Veg Pickles. Our customers can also gift their dear ones their favorite pickle online and can make them cherish homely taste. All the orders at GetPickle are sourced from the regional makers from different parts of India. Payments can be made through Net Banking, Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!!!

For online orders, please visit http://www.getpickle.in/ or call us at +91 8333 01 8333 to know more about our products and offers.
Date: 9/17/2016
Hyderabad, India
Eating on a budget!
Healthy food can be expensive!
Therefore, it can be very difficult to eat well when you’re on a tight budget.
At the same time, let’s also admit that all of us like eating cheap food no matter how ‘posh’ we all are. If you are in Pune you cannot miss out the amazing deals or restaurants offers in Pune. When it comes to planning a meal full of delicious food, it’s essential to know what and where you are going to eat, so that you don’t end up throwing away a lot of what you buy.
Don’t be afraid to surf the internet and also use apps that help you choose among the best offers on restaurants in Pune. Whatever be your reason, the historical city of Pune and now an IT hub makes you feel its spirit. Casual conversations, comfortable climate and its laid-back, what’s-the-big-rush attitude are addictive. If you’ve been here once you will want to keep coming back again. So while you are in Pune, lounge, eat and be merry like the locals.
Festive offers are the best for you have the occasion and the ultimate offer to enjoy with your loved ones at your favourite food joint. With restaurant deals near you, save up to 50% or more and by simply grabbing the offer and enjoying the meal as you please.
Now here’s the good news: with a bit of planning and smart shopping, you can dramatically reduce the cost of eating.To keep your waistline trim but your wallet pump, try maintaining a few of these tips for eating on a budget!
Awaken you calculative side:-
If you are a restaurant frequenter, bringing the whole family along, is typically more expensive. Start looking for offers on restaurants in or food discount coupons in Pune that will help not make a big hole in your pocket.
Use an App:-
While making plans with your spouse of entire family, consider using an App that provides features such as live deals, restaurant offers or food events in Pune, GoPranzo App can help you that can help you find the food of your choice and less expensive.
Be creative with protein:-
Protein is an indispensable part of a healthy diet, but it can also be one of the most costly. Therefore, it is essential to be considerate about your food intake and wise to have healthy food even when out for meals.
For more info visit – http://www.gopranzo.com
Date: 8/27/2016
pune, India
Experiences & Discounts via Location Based Services
Location based services offer a powerful way to deepen customer loyalty and also up-sell customers. Mobile location-based services (LBS) enable product owners to combine information about a customer's location -- using geolocation features on a mobile device -- with other data about the customer, such as demographic and preference information. This proves to be very useful in understanding the customer cycle and their preferences too!
With the help of this, the product owner understands his customer loyalty and choices that he prefers to grab while using the app. While mobile is maturing quickly, the challenge is to convert consumer interest into action.
For example, companies can use information about a customer's location -- combined with details about that person's purchasing history -- to send personalized offers to a smartphone when the customer walks into a store.
The biggest benefit of geolocation technology is the ability to deliver relevant offers on restaurants or food events in Pune, etc. at the right place and time. Below mentioned are a few points to consider while you utilize Geo Location services for your product:
Utilize the asked information:-
These days, almost everyone uses the search services like Google Maps, Yelp and Bing. While displaying or offering a deal ASK for details and don’t assume anything. Make sure your address, phone number, and website accessible, correct and up to date.
Content Matters:-
Keeping your social media pages updated about all the best deals on restaurantsand food events in Pune. YouTube is a great way to involve the local diners using fun videos that showcase your restaurant’s unique menus, location or history. It’s also an easy way to invite new customers to your dining experience.
Currently, Groupon is the most popular of social commerce sites and is gaining a large number of restaurants adopting this new form of electronic coupon marketing. Heavy usage can train customers to only come to your restaurant when there is a deal. Therefore with the help of providing offers and online restaurant deals in Puneproves to be a beneficial way to retain customers.
Rewarding the customer:-
This tip is the most common but overlooked upon. It acts very beneficial for customers to build in loyalty by offering rewards and benefits to them. For e.g.: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide recently offered a loyalty point bonus of 250 points per checkin, adding to which they enjoy great deals on and off.
It’s time to think out of the box for great marketing.
For more info visit – http://www.gopranzo.com
Date: 8/27/2016
pune, India
Palate Culinary Studio enhance your skill and provide a space where you can apply your own creativity.
Date: 8/25/2016
Mumbai, India
5 ways geolocation is changing the world of food
Social media has changed the world. It has brought revolution across the entire communications on a global scale that supercharges social action, cause marketing, and social entrepreneurship. The combined forces of smartphones, mobile broadband, and location-aware applications will connect in more meaningful ways to the people, organizations, events, information, and companies that matter most.
Here’s how they are changing the world…
Eating locally:-
Sustainability demands that we source our food as close to its point of production as possible. Many such food apps define new characteristics and benefits of geo-location services. Given the difficulty of accessing and verifying services such as offers in restaurants in pune, hotel deals, food events, etc. in Pune, it gives you details within your palace.
Finding variety:-
The web has effectively replaced the paper Yellow Pages as a way to find local businesses and services. Let’s say for e.g., you wish to go out for dinner with your spouse to a new restaurant, this web experience is quickly being supplanted by the mobile web and mobile applications, which give access to this information when you most need it. GoPranzo App is very popular to find out the best hotel deals in Pune.
Travelling more efficiently:-
We’ve had access to GPS navigation systems and static traffic information for some time, but only now are we seeing the full potential of these technologies. With geolocation you can easily find out Pune restaurant offers or anything likewise within your living area. This helps save on time and travel efficiency.
Checking in for good:
Every checkinmatters! They build your goodwill as well as the one you liaise with. For a dedicated app to be developed that rewards conscious consumption, social responsibility, and civic engagement help by encouraging checkins help gain the expected level of engagement.
Networking Neighbourhoods:
One of the hottest categories in geolocation is neighbourhood networking. The vision for many of these apps is to strengthen the very fabric of their communities. After all you have made contact through the app, therefore sharing your favourite places, tagging friends while grabbing offers on restaurants or online restaurant deals in Pune help sustain and increase further productivity.
For more info visit – http://www.gopranzo.com
Date: 8/17/2016
pune, India
5 reasons why food is a really big deal
It's easy to forget the power of what is on our dinner plate or we might also overlook the incredible potential in our food. Food in reality is the source of calories and the energy which helps us live the way we are living.
Here are 5 reasons why…
While there are yet millions of people that are starving and short of food, we continue to earn a living from smallholder farming. Resilient, inclusive cities will not only require healthy urban food systems, but are also a platform for achieving them. However, Sustainable Development will only be possible through a focus on ending malnutrition - reshaping our food and diets, and the systems and environments that produce and influence them.
Although we talk about knowledge economies and knowledge – intensive sectors, we almost always overlook the education attainment and economic productivity are both linked to adequate, good food. If we want economic growth and sustained social and economic development, then we need to invest in the systems and environments that support nutrition.
While food offers a world of solutions, it also presents some serious challenges for global health. Food is a leading risk factor for deaths and disability worldwide and therefore needs to be taken rightly instead of excessively.
While on one side there is immense poverty on the other side there is too much of wastage of food. An estimated one in three mouthfuls of food is wasted in this world every day. In wealthier countries, the majority of waste occurs after market and in our homes.
Weather plays a massive role in our overall health. The power of food and change in climate only go hand in hand. Therefore, the way we grow, process, transport, market, consume and waste food is a major concern for our planet's health.
Finally food is a big deal because almost all of us love it and also need it. Living in the 21st century we are extremely well versed with technology and are habituated to use applications that provide us food discount couponspune, dining deals in pune, offers, etc. Let's be sure to recognise the power in what we're being served.
For more info visit – http://www.gopranzo.com
Date: 8/17/2016
pune, India