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Coffee Luwak or Civets Coffee from Gayo's Mountain Is The most Expensive Coffee in The World :
Aceh Gayo Arabica coffee beans are commonly classified as one of the best premium coffee beans along with other well known origin such as Blue Mountain coffee, Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee. Harvested from different smallholding plantations from Gayo highland areas such as Central Aceh, Bener Meriah and Gayo Lues , Aceh Gayo coffee initially was introduced to the people of Central Aceh by Dutch colonialists. Aceh Gayo coffee's very unique flavor made it broke the dominance of South American coffee smoothly. The finest aroma and low acidity makes Aceh Gayo coffee as one of the most highly sought after coffee commodity in the world nowadays. What makes Aceh Gayo coffee extra special is the facts that this type of coffee can not be obtained from any other parts of the world due to the distinctive type of soil in the highlands of Gayo, the climate and the right altitude of 1,400 meter above the sea level. The other X-Factor possessed by Aceh Gayo coffee which makes it highly wanted by coffee exporters is because almost 90% of coffee growers in Central Aceh maintain organic plantations and only few of them use chemical fertilizer to keep the high standard of price and characteristics of Aceh Gayo coffee as known by coffee connoisseurs all over the world. Currently Civets Coffee / Coffee Luwak organic from Gayo's Mountain is cost for about USD 500 /EUR 500 per Kg in USA and Europe.

We are a group of organic traditional farmers – located in the Gayo Mountains, Takengon, Aceh, Our Coffee's plantation area is ​​approximately 10-20 hectares of Arabica coffee types on elevation : 1200-1500 meters above sea level , our production volumes for the type of - Kopi Luwak Premium / Wild Civets Arabican Coffee -organic : 100-150 kgs and 10-30 Tons Organic Coffee Arabica Gayo Origin per month. Our coffee products are certified by the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporter, Directorate General of Food and Drug Supervision Indonesia, and Certificated from the Indonesian Institute of Halal products. Advantages of Wild Luwak coffee compared to other types, is natural Enzymatic coffee process in the body of the animal Civet will reduce levels of caffeine in coffee arabica, and the acidity of the coffee grounds, so that in addition to the aroma and taste of this coffee will taste better, civet coffee does not cause irritation to the Gastric coffee lovers.

We sell for retailers and Exporters Kopi Luwak / Certified & Best Quality of Arabica Wild Civet Coffee from Gayo Mountain :

1.Green Beans ,Coffee Luwak (Civet Coffee): USD 65 /KG

2.Roasted Beans Coffee Luwak (Civet Coffee): USD: 75 / KG

3.Powder/Ground,Coffee Luwak (Civet Coffee): USD:75 /KG.

We are also very welcome you and we are able to provide you a guide of Tour Visit for an Exporters and Foreign Importers of Wild Civets Arabica Coffee who would like to come and see our orchards and processing of our organic wild civets arabica coffee at Gayo's Highland – Tankengon , Sumatra – Indonesia.

We could deliver the Original of Gayo Mountain Wild Civets / Luwaks Coffee overseas for a minimum weight order of 1 Kg .

We're the reliable source of Original Wild Civets Arabica Coffee Gayo Highland Exporters with Money Back Guarantee...!!!

Best Regards

Helley Fauzi

Jl. Mampang Prapatan 4 ,No:48
Tegal Parang - Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta - 12790 - INDONESIA

Phone Contact : +62 8161882594 or +62 816999638

Email : fzeffendi@gmail.com

Date: 2/22/2018
Jakarta, Indonesia, Switzerland $65
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