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Spoons are one of the oldest eating utensils on the planet. This isn’t particularly surprising if one considers that nearly as long as humans have needed food, they’ve required something to scoop it up with. Unlike knives and forks, that for the most part needed to be fashioned, natural spoons could be utilized by employing such things as seashells or conveniently shaped stones. Sure, the earliest known instances of these didn’t have handles yet, but from these humble beginnings, the spoon was born. The most recent addition to the common cutlery club is the fork. Although they have technically existed since ancient times, these preliminary specimens consisted of a mere two prongs and were used primarily for cooking and serving food. Fingers, spoons and knives were still the most popular choices when it came to actual eating. The fork’s popularity began to grow during the 16th century due to the infamous historical trend setter Catherine de Medici. She helped popularize the fork (as well as pasta, olive oil, Chianti and the separation of sweet and savory) with the French tables after her marriage to Henry II. Traditionally, good quality cutlery was made from silver (hence the U.S. name), though steel was always used for more utilitarian knives, and pewter was used for some cheaper items, especially spoons. As an investment antique silverware will always be valuable and if the price of silver falls, you can guarantee that it will rise again in the future. Useful items of silverware were made as far back as the 12th century and just a short time later cutlery and flatware became extremely popular and fashionable. The antique silver items that have survived to this day were made from the same quality of silver that was used in coinage.
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Date: 6/30/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0