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Cellmaxx is a functional food of blue green algae or better known as Aphanizomenon flos Aquae (AFA) from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon.

Cellmaxx is a patent pending functional food specially formulated to active body cells and to support healthy immune function. It also aids in preventing degenerative diseases, reverse aging, increase energy level and provide rapid improvement in cognitive function and visual acuity in human subjects.
It is manufactured through a proprietary aqueous extraction method “ImuMaxx” technology that maximizes the presence of the bioactive constituents.

The Most Unique SUPERFOOD also contains a full spectrum of 64 micro-nutrients, including Glyco-Protein, vitamins, essential minerals, pigments, simple carbohydrates, lipids and biologically active enzymes, exactly similar to that required by the human body. It is very rich in vitamin B-12, Glyco-Protein, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Omega 3-Fatty Acids, Polysaccharide, Phycocyanin and Beta-Carotene. Therefore, Cellmaxx is known to be the most nutrient-dense balance whole food on this planet.

Clinical Tests Clinical tests show AFA helps send the Natural Killer (NK) cells out of the blood stream and into the tissues where they are needed the most. NK cells have the ability to search for and recognize cells that are cancerous or have been infected by a virus, and kill them. No other substance is known to trigger such a movement of NK cells in the body. The most extraordinary discovery is the ability of AFA to stimulate stem cell release and migration, making AFA the first natural compound known to stimulate the natural innate phenomenon of healing, regeneration and repair in the human body.

Studies shown by taking 1-3 grams of Aphanizomenon flos Aquae (AFA) a day can support the natural release of new cells from bone marrow and enhance human immune system.
Cellmaxx botanical beverage mix Peach with Oligosaccharide and Blue Green Algae (AFA). Cellmaxx helping your body to heal itself naturally.
Date: 4/28/2017
Japan, Japan $45