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Industry Equipment
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India’s best leading packaging tools and Machine suppliers “Bandma” is one of the most respected company in packaging sector. PP Straps Manufacturers Bandma provide fully automatic strapping machine across India and other countries. So don’t miss the chance to grow your business with Bandma. The main packaging products of engineering and manufacturing brand are –
1 – Fully Automatic Machine with Roller – Driven Table for Wide Straps
2 – Fully Automatic Machine with Belt – Driven Table for Wide Straps
3 – High Speed World Class Fully Automatic Machine
Follow us at http://www.bandma.in/Fully-Automatic-Strapping-Machines.aspx for more details.
Date: 10/4/2016
New Delhi, India
Tekxtrem offered Best <a href="http://www.tekxtrem.com/free-hospital-management-software.php">Free Hospital Management Software</a> This software contains features aimed at dealing with almost all the aspects of a hospital management as well as cover up areas like reception , OPD , inpatients , outpatients , medical data records , record of medicines as well as other materials , appointments , doctors in charge , planning of doctor routines , laboratory and also financial records . Key features of hospital management software are :

* Facilitates easy as well as full running of reception
* Managing the Laboratory and also its equipment
* Managing all wards together with bed distribution systems
* Checked background of patients and their treatment options
* Routine scheduling of doctors and nurses to the different sections and also allocation of their responsibilities
* Proper and regular inventory management to ensure correct billing
* Routine maintenance of proper record of the medical records as well as tests of the different patients.
* Could be easily accessed by several users at the same time
Date: 9/27/2016
Ghaziabad, India
Tekxtrem offered top quality hospital Management Software .our <a href="http://www.tekxtrem.com/free-hospital-management-software.php">hospital Management Software</a> has been designed and developed for the hospitals or clinics. This super-specialty software will help to offer outstanding services across the Health care Industry for example Super Specialty Hospitals , Multi Specialty Hospitals and also General Hospitals . We offer an integrated health managing system , which attends to the important needs of the hospitals . It is effective , easy to use as well as flexible software.


1.Manage day-to-day functions of a Hospital
2.To improve the Patient treatment
3.To enhance the work performance
4.To improve the financial control
Date: 9/20/2016
Ghaziabad, India
We supply thermostatic water bath. These thermostatic water baths are double walled made with high quality heavy guage stainless steel. The gap between the inner and outer walls is insulated with fine quality glasswool. The bath is fitted with immersion heater. Temperature is controlled by a thermostat from ambient to 90 deg C. The Bath is provided with pilot lamps, concentric rings, power chord and drain plug.
Bath Size L×B×H (mm)
No. of holes
Heater Watts
6 holes of 75 mm dia
12 holes of 75 mm dia

Technical Specifications :

Max. temperature Upto 90 Deg C
Accuracy ±1 deg C
Immersion heater Provided
Mains Power 220-240 V single phase A/c

Optional :

Digital Temperature Controller-cum-Indicator
Date: 9/14/2016
chennai,India, India
The EMS-8 is a Micro controller based Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker. The movement produced is tri-dimensional, combining a vertical movement with a rotation of the material to be shifted on the surface of the sieve.

The shaker is powered by an electromagnetic drive which has no rotating parts, making it maintenance free and extremely quiet in operation. The vibratory action produced by the power unit moves the sample all over the sieve in a unique way producing faster, more efficient sieving, while the rapid vertical movements also help to keep the apertures free from blocking.

The EMS-8 is very suitable for sieving of high density products and for dry and wet sieving analysis. The unit has been designed for user friendly operation and supports a menu driven 16x2 character LCD display. The unit is robustly built and can be used in laboratories or at site. It is compact and portable.

The EMS-8 is ideally used as a particle profile / size analyzer for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries by governing the separation of particles according to their sizes. Particle size is one of the most important properties of any solid material and the EMS-8 is engineered for quick and accurate particle analysis. The instrument can handle pharmaceutical powders and granules as well as chemical processing materials, dyes, chemicals and is also used by the food processing industry. It is also used to test sand, cement and gravel.

The sieve shaker's micro controller is used to set both the process time and the amplitude setting. The unit has 15 levels of amplitude upto a maximum of 2 mm as recommended by USP. The top plate of the sieve shaker has clearly marked calibrated lines to aid visual inspection of the amplitude.

The unit has 2 modes of operation - continuous and intermittent. Intermittent operation helps to clear blocked apertures. The EMS-8 sieve shaker offers total flexibility enabling optimum settings to be established for virtually any material under test.

The unit is compact and is used in laboratories. The instrument is fitted with a special clamping device that ensures that the sieves are held firmly and allows them to be quickly removed and replaced. Non-metallic springs and anti-vibration mountings are fitted to isolate vibrations from work surfaces and reduce noise levels.

For Detailed Specifications see attachment.
Date: 9/14/2016
chennai,India, India
We are exporter electric bunsen. These electric bunsen are very useful for heating test tubes, crucibles, small flasks, beakers etc . The heating element is spiralled nichrome wire enclosed in refractory casing. The unit works on electricity.

This is very safe compared to the conventional Bunsen Burner.
Can be carried to any where and connect to the power source.
No fire Hazards since it gives no flame unlike Bunsen Burner.
No smoke, Clean Atmosphere
Works on electricity, no Gas required.
Produces Radiant Heat.

Technical Specifications :

Full Stainless Steel body
Max.Temperature 800 Deg C
Power consumption 350 Watts
Operates on 220-240 V single Phase A/C
Supplied with Built-in Energy regulator
Light Weight 1 Kg only
Date: 9/14/2016
chennai,India, India
To heat a number of round bottom flasks simultaneously (for extractions, distillations, and digestions) extraction mantle may be used. All extraction mantles are fitted with individual energy regulators with indicator light for each heating surface, allowing liquids with different boiling points to be heated alongside each other. The robust construction permits continuous operation of the units as required by routine extraction tests.

Cat No Flask Capacity in ml Number of recess TotalWatts@220-240 V Dimension LxBxH (mm ) Weight Kgs.
AV-SM-01 250 3 450 525×175×150 4.5
AV-SM-02 500 3 600 645×205×185 6
AV-SM-03 1000 3 900 675 × 215×185 6.5
AV-SM-04 250 6 900 1025 ×175 ×150 7
AV-SM-05 500 6 1200 1225×205 ×185 8.3
AV-SM-06 1000 6 1800 1300 ×215 ×185 9

Technical Specifications

Capacity 3 or 6 Recess
Thermal Insulation Ceramic Fibre
Energy Controller 3 or 6 built in Simmerstat
Max.Temperature upto 450 Degree
Fuses Provided
Case Construction Aluminum Powder Coated
Support Rods Provided
Connecting Bosses Provided
Flask fixing clamps Not Provided
Mains Chord 3 Core 2 Meter Long
Mains Power 220-240 V Single Phase A/C
Replacement Element Provided

Optional :
Complete set of Glass parts with fixing clamps can be provided on request.
Date: 9/14/2016
chennai,India, India
The OPTI MXL4 Series of water distillers is the latest in design of OPTI series of water distillation apparatuses.

The distiller's advanced design fail safe & maintenance free and its operation coupled with ruggedness built gives you the best in its class of service.


Table Top model.
Heavy Aluminum Base.
Sturdy 3.3 Borosilicate Glass portion.
High Purity PYROGEN FREE output.
Highest Heat Transfer in its class.
Failsafe device.
Low maintenance.
Easy to clean.

The OPTI-MXL4 yields an output of 4 ltrs /hr distilled water. The Distiller gives PYROGEN FREE output which is best suited for daily use in laboratories.

The unique Designed Glass portion enables optimum efficiency in distillate yield. A built- in 'clean' function and integral funnel makes cleaning operation simple and safe. A stopcock with PTFE key is fitted for easy draining.

All hose connections are threaded hence easy and safe for connecting and removal, thereby reducing the risk of breakages.

A special failsafe devise is embedded in the heater system, which ensures sufficient water level in the boiler and control over temperature in heater.

Code reference Conductivity Water consumption Voltage Power Output
OPTI-MXL4 2us/cm 70 - 80 ltrs./hr 220-240v 3kw 4 ltrs./hr


The pH of distilled water:

Pure water whether from a still, deionizer or reverse osmosis system, is an excellent solvent and will quickly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air to form a very dilute solution of carbonic acid. In a water still this solution can form as the steam liquefies in the condenser resulting in a distillate output of pH of 5 - 6.5. This is a normal level which has little effect on most laboratory procedures.

A slightly acidic pH value does not mean that water is contaminated as the carbon dioxide level of less than one part per million will cause a pH of 5.

It is vital to protect the water from the air otherwise the carbon dioxide will be absorbed quickly.
Date: 9/14/2016
chennai,India, India
Application : Best For Distillation Of Water (General & Lab Use)

The water distillate obtained from Quartz Single Distillation Apparatus is better compare with water distillate obtained from other types/method of distillation apparatus. This apparatus can be used for Acids.

Advantages Of Quartz Single Distillation Apparatus:

Compact design, Portable model and very easy to handle / shift. The unit has a boiler portion made of High Purity Electronic Grade Transparent Quartz.
The unit is mounted on a sturdy stand (Panel box) which also has the boiler and condenser clamps.
A bottom vent is provided in bottom boiler for general cleaning and maintenance.
The main constituent of Quartz is SiO2 >99.9%, which makes the apparatus highly resistant to any Thermal shock, devitrification and resistant to water and acids.
The electrical heaters are so designed, they do not come into contact with water, because they are embedded inside a quartz tube, hence nullifying the possibility of metal contamination by the heaters. The given volume of water in the boiler during the Distillation process is very less, resulting in low heat loss, hence power is saved. The distillate obtained from this apparatus is PYROGEN FREE, it is also free from metal ions.
Date: 9/14/2016
chennai,India, India
Product Description:
Item Code: Quartz
The application and features of "LABSIL" double distillation Quartz apparatus are as under :

Application : Best for distillation of High Purity Qualitative water (General and Lab use)

The water distillate obtained from quartz double distillation apparatus is beyond comparison with water distillate obtained from any other types / method of distillation.

Advantages of Quartz Double Distillation Apparatus (Demountable)

Compact design, with all contact parts made of high quality, pure Electronic Grade transparent Quartz only.
The main unit consist of a bottom Boiler and top Boiler with Condenser, which can be easily separated (Demountable ) for necessary cleaning or maintenance, if required. Bottom vent provided in bottom Boiler for general cleaning and maintenance
The main constituent of Quartz is SiO2 >99.9% which make the apparatus highly resistant to any thermal shock, devitrification and resistant to water and acids.
The electrical heaters are so designed, they do not come into contact with water because they are embedded inside a Quartz tube, hence nullifying the possibility of metal contamination by the heaters.
The given Volume of water in the Boiler during the distillation process is very Less, resulting in low heat loss, hence power is saved.
The distillate obtained from this apparatus is PYROGEN FREE. It is also FREE from metal ions.
All water connections can be given with threaded connectors
Demountable ball Joint
Spiral Heater has better life span that tubular sheathed heater.

Optional Accessories :

Electrical dual auto-cut-off system
Optical Beam Sensor-Incase of Boiler water level reduces, increases and also if Boiler pressure increases.
Water Flow switch-Incase water level reduces or fails through Condenser
Audio Alarm Light Indicator
Quartz Storage Vessel for collection of distillate
Additional Bulb Condenser to bring down the temperature of the distillate
Water Softener for bottom Boiler input
Solenoid Valve: Stops water flow in case of no power
MCB (Prevents the system from any short circuit)
Water Softener (Prevents water Scaling in the Boiler)
Date: 9/14/2016
chennai,India, India
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