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Bangladesh is the most effective spot within the globe with regards to sweet-flavored water fish culture.The new array of fishes spawned by professional Seafood Manufacturers and the speedy enlargement within such respect have contributed boost towards such substantial growth within Bangladeshi fish production. There has been a practical transformation within fish agriculture within the ponds at Mymensingh, Bogra and Comilla and within the fish nursery of the south-west areas.

With agriculture of fish in Bangladesh being heightened across the last 10 years, fish consumption has nearly doubled up. With the aid of Bangladesh Suppliers, Fish exportations have heightened by 135 percent. Within the financial year of 2013-14, net profit of Bangladesh exportation with regards to frozen fish proceeded upwards by 17.35 percent towards 41.49 billion taka thanks to Bangladesh exporters.
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Date: 11/15/2016
Dhaka, Bangladesh $577
Thanks to Bangladesh Tea exporters, Tea is currently the second principal exportation orientated cash crop within the nation. Bangladeshi Tea is largely cultured within the hill trails of the north-eastern allot of the country. Controlled elevation and incline of the hill trails in addition to the unusually great amount of rainfall establishes this region to become appropriate with regards to production of excellent quality tea within Bangladesh.

In addition, a significant amount of tea is cultured within the hill trails of north-western and south-eastern allot of Bangladesh. Currently, 53 million kilograms (On the average) of Bangladeshi tea is being manufactured within 115,820.33 hectare of acres under 163 Bangladesh tea plantations.

Tea division puts up around 1 percent of the aggregate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) within Bangladesh. Such division uses up just about 0.2 million individuals at once and circuitously which is around 4.4 percent of the nation's aggregate state of being employed.
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Date: 10/22/2016
Dhaka, Bangladesh $577