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Binding love spells can be tempting, but you should think about the possible consequences of using witchcraft and magic to make someone love you.
It’s not always easy to see where the fine line is between white magic love spells and black magic love spells, and even then there are various levels of manipulation you may be attempting. While black magic really just refers to a spell that targets a specific person, a binding love spell is one where you actually force them to love you. You can cast a spell towards a certain person.
Using a spell to get someone’s attention or to improve your chances is one thing which I personally don’t have an ethical problem with. But when you try to force the issue and create an emotional bond that isn’t naturally there, you’re asking for trouble.
Date: 7/4/2017
Kampala, Uganda $0
A Commitment Spell allows you to gain committed love and total faithfulness from your lover. If your lover has been reluctant to commit fully to you, to remain faithful, loving and loyal to only you, then you must not miss this opportunity to have me cast this special Spell to gain commitment.
Don’t let this chance disappear and certainly don’t waste anymore time just wishing and hoping that things will improve between you and your lover. Take affirmative action now and have me cast this powerful and special love Spell for you. For example, Serenity from Holland wanted her boyfriend to commit and stop paying attention to other girls. Shortly after having a Commitment Spell cast by me, her boyfriend proposed on Valentines’ Day.

Once you have decided to have a Spell cast by me and I have all the details I need I will prepare to cast for you as soon as possible. I will send via email a full account of the Spell I will cast on your behalf. I look forward to casting your Spell on your behalf. The moment I cast a Spell for you it immediately begins working on your request. After the Spell has been cast I will send you notification that I completed and cast your Spell.
Date: 7/4/2017
Kampala, Uganda $0
Lottery spells are basically good luck spells to help you win some money with lottery tickets. Games of chance are tricky so don’t expect tons of riches this way. It can be tough to use magic this way. It’s usually a better bet to go with a less-specific money spell.
Anyway, if you’re a lottery fan, try these.
Numbers of Luck
For the usual style of lottery, where you choose numbers on a ticket and wait to see what numbers are drawn to win, this is a spell to help get those elusive winning digits. You’ll need:
• A pendulum
• A green candle
• Pine incense
• Sprigs of sweet-grass, lemon balm and borage
• Piece of paper
• Green marker
Date: 7/4/2017
Kampala, Uganda $0
Similar to the various spells to get an ex back, these lost love spells are intended to be used when a certain someone has become lost to you and you want them back. It’s not about finding a new love, but reconnecting with someone you once new. They will work if you broke up, but they are more targeted to those situations when you lost your love due to life circumstances (like they moved away or something like that). Enough chatter, here are my new lost love spells to help you re-find your romance.
Sprinkle a circle of rosemary and rose petals around the compass, and then cover the whole thing with the silk cloth. Set the stone on top of the compass. Repeat the words again.
After 3 days, you should start to see signs of where to find your missing love. You don’t actually use the compass to point the way, in case you were wondering. It’s just symbolic.
Date: 7/4/2017
Kampala, Uganda $0
With money spells you can attract money into your life. With these you get money spells prosperity and tranquility. When the circle of wealth and money stops coming breaks, it is not wrong to use spells to replenish its flow. The can make yourself at home in order to attract money. The materials used are simple and easy to get. Potions help you begin to see results. Do these powerful rituals, if you do well you will provide success. The world of magic, witches, witchcraft is very effective in getting what you propose. Transform your negative energy into positive. With this application you will find easy and safe android spells:
Money and luck are often linked – both are vital in your life. It’s easy to forget about how much things can depend on luck. You know that misfortune could be waiting just around the corner. Why not take control?
Our collection of special Luck and Money Spells are an effective way to ensure that things get turned around. Once you get on the right track, you will soon see things change in your favor and your fortunes transform.
Financial issues can be a big obstacle – so our special Money Spells are a great way to help and could bring good fortune and a great bank balance. There’s so much money out there, so we want to make sure that you get your share. All this flows from the positive energy that these Spells unleash.
Date: 7/4/2017
Kampala, Uganda $0
Since the beginning of time, people have attempted to formulate potions that induce love and stir desire. Some of the best stimulants of this type are naturally occurring foods like oysters, onions, ginseng, and ginger. But if the subtle effect of these substances isn’t enough for you, try one of the following potions.
However, I must warn you: is against the principles of good/ethical/white magic to try to impose your will onto another, even for such a benevolent reason as to induce true love. If you do so, remember the saying: Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it. The spell in the potion could rebound; you could find yourself falling in love or being attracted to someone completely unsuitable for you, which may even be dangerous.
It may be best to use these potions as an offering to the Gods and Goddesses of love, asking them to send you your heart’s desire, someone who is right for you.
Date: 7/4/2017
Kampala, Uganda $0
Joining Together Photo Spell

If you want your potential lover to be stuck on you, this is the best of the black magic love spells. The photos you use shouldn’t have anyone else in them except for you and him/her. Supplies for this spell:

• Photo of you
• Photo of the one you desire
• Red candle
• Pen or marker

On the back of the picture of him/her, write “I love you” and on the back of your photo, write “You love me”. Light the candle and look at both photos, picturing the two of you together in real life. Drip candle wax on the front sides of both photos and quickly stick them together. Repeat the following:

Together as one
Under moon and sun

Slip the pair of photos under your pillow, and sleep with them there until your loved one is yours.
Date: 7/3/2017
Canada, Uganda $0
Magic Love Spells

Thought you’d try some black magic love spells, to find that perfect mate you’ve always wanted? While you might think you’ll be dabbling in some naughty magic, there is very little difference between these and white magic love spells.

With black magic love spells, you’re trying to win the affection of a particular person, and will be directing your magical will at that person. White spells are more general and don’t target specific people. But as I’ve said before, either way you’re using magic to influence a person so I’ll let you work out the ethics for yourself. I just share spells.

Sweet Apple Enchantment Spell

Don’t all good black magic spells include a lock of hair? Well, that’s because it’s a powerful way to connect another person to your spell. Your supplies for this ritual:

• 1 apple, preferably a red one
• Honey
• A few strands of your hair
• A few strands of your intended lover’s hair
• Length of red ribbon or yarn

Slice the apple sideways across the middle, so you can see the star formed by the seeds. Spread honey on either half of the apple. Take the strands of hair, and twist or braid them together.

Put the hairs between the two halves, and tie the apple back together with the ribbon. Tie it tightly. Bury the apple either outside, or in a large flower pot (outside is best). You’ll find your desired lover start to show a strong interest in you almost immediately.
Date: 7/3/2017
South Africa, Uganda $0