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Decorative Collectibles
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Caring of sterling silver flatware is very easy. Please follow these steps: -
1. After each use, promptly wash or rinse your sterling with hot water and dry it.
2. If you hand-wash your sterling, use a mild detergent.
3. Do not leave your sterling sitting in water, as soaking can permanently damage the metal.
4. Keep sterling and stainless steel flatware in separate baskets in the dishwasher.
5. Polish your sterling once or twice a year, whether or not it has been used regularly.
6. Make sure your sterling is completely dry before you store it.
7. If using occasionally: Place sterling in the provided flannel flatware bag or in a wooden storage chest with a protective flannel lining.
8. Do not wrap your sterling in rubber bands, plastic or newspaper, or in any material with high sulphur content.
9. Remove any tarnish by buffing your sterling with a soft cloth and silver polish.

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Date: 3/21/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0
Many people hold on to their French Antique Sterling Silver for many years, (decades even), and pass them down the generations within their family. People need to maintain such pieces therefore to keep them in perfect, pristine condition so they look fabulous around the home.
Here are some tips from Mr. Campbell on how to achieve the perfectly polished piece of silver, including some flatware specifics …
1. Avoid over cleaning
2. Regular gentle dusting is preferred to infrequent severe cleaning
3. Use a clean cotton cloth or duster
4. Wadding, such as ‘Salvo Silver Polish Wadding’ made by Duraglit is ideal for cleaning most items (pictured)
5. Protect hallmarks with sticky tape before polishing
6. Store your item of silver in a protective silver storage bag
7. Any crevices should be cleaned gently with an old toothbrush
8. Frequent use of silver pieces such as flatware actually reduces tarnishing
9. Silver Flatware should be rinsed shortly after use
10. Don’t soak silverware in water overnight
11. Wash flatware in hot, sudsy water, then rinse in clean in hot water and dry immediately with a soft cloth
12. If washing silver flatware in a dishwasher keep the detergent down to a minimal amount
13. Never put stainless steel and silverware in the same basket in your dishwasher as direct contact between such pieces may cause damage to the silver
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Date: 1/18/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0
Sterling Silver Tea Sets can date back hundreds of years. A tea set's value depends on its condition, country of origin, age, manufacturer and style. A tea set is, at minimum, made up of a teapot, a cream jug and a sugar bowl, although some sets have up to nine pieces. Antique sterling-silver tea sets are considered the most valuable; however, certain mass-produced older sets are less desirable and fetch lower prices. Sterling silver should have a small icon pressed into the metal; this icon is known as a hallmark. A hallmark could be a picture or a series of letters or digits. A tea set will usually have the same mark on each piece (use a magnifying glass to get a closer look if needed). Hallmarks will often signify everything from the place where the item was made to the manufacturer's name. The stamp "925" is used on sterling-silver pieces; stamps that read "830" or "800" indicate a lower grade of silver that's not considered sterling. English and some continental sterling silver isn't stamped with "925"; instead, these types of silver boast other distinguishing hallmarks, such as a lion passant for genuine English silver. Sterling silver is usually worth more than no sterling silver.
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Date: 1/16/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0
Sterling Silver flatware and serving pieces are a saving way to deal with make any table delightful. Sterling silver has been a pined for item for an extensive period of time and now it's more direct than at whatever time in late memory.
There is various, various case of sterling silver flatware to search that span from extravagant and formal excessively agreeable shine. There are flatware outlines that have to great degree fundamental arrangements or none by any methods. You can have a monogrammed organization, too. You should reliably pick a case you truly like as opposed to one that matches your china. During the time you'll probably have various plans of dishes however your family silver will be an enduring asset. The sterling silver flatware that you pick should fit your hand well with the most ideal weight and modify. Is the dish of the spoon to your taste or is it too gigantic to possibly be pleasing? Are the fork's tines too long or short? Are the cutting edges excessively overpowering, too light or just right? Does the flatware feel awesome in your grip?
If you will delight as frequently as could be allowed you may need to extend your key spot setting to consolidate nourishments developed from the beginning furthermore sterling silver desert knives, Tea / Coffee Spoons, fish forks, Sturdy Fish Serving Pieces, French art deco chargers, French Sterling Silver Desert Set, Vermeil Dessert Fork and Luncheon Knife and Royal Dessert Fork forks. Clearly you won't use each one of these utensils at every supper yet you will have every kind of utensil you will necessity for any kind of administration. Picking sterling silver flatware and serving pieces is a fundamental bit of setting up a home. You can buy place settings freely or get the whole set immediately dependent upon your money related arrangement. When you complete your set, whether it's an organization for four or two dozen, you'll have a delightful legacy fortune to go down times that will hold its incredibleness and quality.
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Date: 1/10/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0
Antique French clocks are often significantly less expensive than English or American mantel clocks from the same period, so they present a more affordable entry into the antique French clock market. Antique French clocks provide an opportunity for the home decorator or beginning collector to obtain an ornate, historical piece of functional decoration. While identifying and valuing antiques isn't always an easy task, there are many telltale signs to indicate whether or not a mantel clock is a confirmed French antique. Antique clocks, and antique clock identification, cover a wide spectrum of information ranging from the first collectible clock made in the sixteenth century, the lantern clock, to the clocks of the early twentieth century.
1. Consider the trademark: Finding a name or trademark image on a clock may simplify the task of identifying the maker and the approximate date the clock was made.
2. Type of antique French clocks: Find Clock style, Type of clock glass, stenciling, hand style and fasteners Type of strike movement, such as bell, chime rod or gong Material of the dial, for example paper, ceramic, wood or tin Serial number etc for identification.
3. Examine the surface and lift the clock. The bodies of French clocks were made from black or darkly colored marble.
4. Examine the clock case for a metal label or stamp. Few French clock manufacturers used labels, so a label is an initial indication that the clock isn't French.
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Date: 1/9/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0
Collecting and owning antique Sterling Silver Tea Sets will be valuable and appreciated. Once the hallmarks on the things area unit known, you'll have a thought of what your silver tea service is valued at. Find below the steps to identify the marking on a silver coffee & tea set: -
1. Look for numbers on the sterling silver coffee and tea set. If it is marked .925, it is likely newer sterling silver. The .950 mark identifies older and slightly better-quality sterling silver, while .835 is a common European silver. The number 800 indicates 80 percent silver and 20 percent alloy.
2. Many regions have specific marks that can be difficult to see or read. The "T" marking is a sign of a piece from the 1970s or newer from Mexico. Most other countries are identified by the entire name of the country stamped on the piece. A "SIAM" mark will mean sterling silver from Thailand, while "PLATA" is an older Mexican silver.
3. Turn a piece from the set over and look to see if there is a name then a back slash and the word "STERLING;" if so then you have identified the maker of the set and the type of silver used. Other sets may only have the maker or the maker and the year, with no indications as to whether it is real silver.
4. Go to an antiques dealer or other professional if you are still uncertain about the marks on your coffee and tea set. Some manufacturers were producing sets before there were methods to properly inscribe them. These pieces will usually have strange marks that are made up of only a few letters or numbers.
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Date: 1/5/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0
The candle has been around as early as 3000 BC and since then, displaying light has become a necessity. Candleholders (or candelabras) made of clay have been found dating back to 400 BC.
The word candelabra are a derivation of the Latin word "candelabrum" which means candlestick. Candelabra are the term that refers to a pair or more of decorative candlesticks or candleholders shaped as a column or pedestal and having several arms for holding candles. Candelabrum is the singular form and usually refers to one candlestick. Candelabras can be made of any material, including silver, gold, brass, copper, iron or crystal. Although it is understood candelabra were used during the Middles Ages (400 –1400 AD), artifacts and records from the 1600’s provide examples of candlesticks and candelabra.18th century candelabra are now quite rare, and anything before 1750 is very rare. In the 1800’s, silver candelabra became de rigueur at the evening dinner table, providing both illumination and decoration for the substantial, end of day meal. The demise of the candelabra, along with candlesticks, came with the invention of the light bulb in the 1870’s.The vast majority was made in the 19th century before the advent of electricity, and they are still being made today.
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Date: 1/3/2017
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0
Purchasing fine silverware is an important investment you want to protect, perhaps for generations to come. Since its founding in Normandy, France in 1830,Christofle’s silver creations have been prized for well over a century by serious connoisseurs, gracing the tables of maharajas, presidents, luxurious resorts, and the finest restaurants in the world. With proper care, Christofle silver will stay looking as sublime on your table as it has in royal palaces throughout the ages.
We’ve compiled an easy guide on how to care for your Christofle silver and silverplated items, to keep them pristine and exquisite throughout years of enjoyment.
Cleaning Your Christofle Silver
Wash immediately after every use.
If you are unable to wash immediately, wipe off any remaining food, and rinse in hot water. This will prevent prolonged contact with acidic substances, which can damage silver.
Hand Washing
Gently remove debris using a soft sponge and soapy water made with gentle liquid dish detergent. Never use a corrosive or abrasive product, and never let your silverware come into contact with bleach. Promptly dry with a soft cloth.
Dishwasher Safe
All Christofle flatware – including sterling silver – can be safely washed in a dishwasher provided the following rules are observed:
Use chlorine-free powders or tablets only. Do not use liquid or gel products, which often contain chlorine.
If you use a water softening product in the dishwasher, avoid washing your silverware during the first cycle. Follow dishwasher instructions concerning the hardness of the water. Water with a high mineral content can be corrosive.
Knives manufactured before 1968 must be washed by hand only.

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Date: 12/28/2016
88 rue Lafayette, 75009, Paris, France, France $0