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Men's Accessories
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Symbolizing purity and sacredness, ‘Oudh Sampa’ is the magical blend of “Jasminum Sambac” and “Sandalwood oil”.

As a matter of fact, this soothing fragrance is sure to turn the heads around where ever you wear it.

By the same token, uncluttered with too many distracted notes, Oudh Sampa is an alcohol-free and 100% organic perfume for both women and men.

It is a Unisex Fragrance and yet more popular among women. It smells fresh and feminine without being too overwhelming.

With good quality, smelling ingredients and superior lasting power, Oudh Sampa is light yet exotic, not too heady as Jasmine can be.

Further, it is also well known to have a good skincare element as it’s 100% organic, alcohol-free and toxin-free fragrance.

Oudh Sampa perfume is really long lasting and the aroma of Oudh with its Jasmine charm is wonderful.

This high-impact fragrance creates a multifaceted signature of unisex – overall, a perfect fragrance for all seasons that provides lovely, penetrating and energizing aroma.

Buy Oudh Sampa - https://www.oudh.com.au/product/oudh-sampa/
Date: 4/19/2018
Melbourne, Australia $20
Oudh Saffron’s indulgent reminiscent of saffron, essence of vetiver and honeysuckle with a solid Oudh base creates this mind-boggling Oudh saffron fragrance.

Experience the magic of Oudh Saffron attar as it is the most uniquely exotic perfume for men & women that blends aphrodisiacal lustiness of Saffron with the earthy romanticism of Oudh.

Oudh saffron is an easy to use perfume as you can apply it directly on your skin at pulse points (neck, inside wrists, behind ears).

Perfect for all occasions, ‘Oudh Saffron’ is one of our more dominant fragrance. It’s thick, it’s dark and it’s strong.

Long lasting and free of alcohol for men & women; Oudh Saffron’s distinct aroma creates an aura that is as mystical as it is intriguing.

Moreover, Oudh Saffron is endowed with antioxidant properties that makes it all the more appealing to organic perfume lovers.

Buy Oudh Saffron - https://www.oudh.com.au/product/oudh-saffron/
Date: 4/10/2018
Melbourne, Australia $20
Oudh Musk perfume is a premium perfume product made with high-quality ingredients.

In the first place, this enchanting woody Oudh perfume is filled with organic musky aromas of sandalwood oil, agarwood oil, rose, organic musk, and a delicate note of roasted earth soil.

Together with the magnificent musky aroma, Oudh Musk perfume also provides a calming and pleasant effect to the mind and may help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Not to mention, the classy scent of Oudh Musk perfume leaves a lasting impression on everyone and gives you a mysterious charm.

Feel fresh all day long with the musky fragrance of the Oudh Musk perfume.

Furthermore, it is a unisex fragrance – equally popular among men and women.

You can buy Oudh Musk here.- https://www.oudh.com.au/product/oudh-musk/
Date: 3/28/2018
Melbourne, Australia $20